Though a handful of this rather large audience is more familiar with our main nonprofit work, I wanted to specifically thank ALL of the larger Showbear Family Circus audience for a few things:

  1. Givers like you kept 3 families in their homes during COVID through a total of $3,000 in in rent relief donations.

  2. Givers like you offered dozens of homeless survival kits to the guys who live at the park probably another $2,000 in kits and CVS gift cards. Specifically with those cards, we keep them on hand when asked for money on the street and to have a $5 gift card specifically to CVS, multiple folks sleeping rough have teared up because to them it feels like a personal gift. CVS is a place that they frequent for various needs and they can get just about anything there.

  3. Givers like you provided some $1,000 in art supplies for the neighbor kids to continue some semblance of education during COVID here in NYC. 

 We want to continue that. But we also want to bolster the general fund. We have two goals:

  1. We would love to raise enough to hire a full-time editor to stay on top of the thousands of submissions both for more timely response and quicker audience and contributor growth.

  2. We would love to raise enough to pay a flat-fee of $100 per acceptance. Donating $100/month would cover 12 pieces. $25/month would cover 3. 

We're far more than a literary magazine but we are also at least that if folks step up and give to the general fund, we could potentially start paying contributors and an editor so that we can scale this thing.

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