Thank you all for a few things from this starving artist fund:

  1. We sent an actor to Georgia Ensemble theater for audition training. Afterwards, he landed a roll on Bound for Broadway and the Massachusetts Lottery commercials.

  2. We've given away over 200 CVS gift cards to literal starving artists on the streets of New York to give them basic needs.

  3. We helped a local chef produce his first cookbook for free.

  4. We sent some writers to WorldCon for free.

  5. We helped four different illustrators produce their first children's books / comic books.

  6. We paid some 50 authors to publish their work, many for the first time.

The projects up next?

  • Another filmmaker's first documentary film, though he's old.
  • Another illustrator's first children's book, though he has never tried.
  • Another filmmaker's first short film. 
  • Another musician's first album.
  • An author's journalism class.
  • A bolstering of the beneficent fund for sponsoring career-time-sensistive training like that audition grant.

All money given to the fund will help sponsor the production of these works or the basic needs support for these artists to help them move forwards.


Almost done, where should we send the confirmation?

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