Thank you for your willingness to support SongSight Music Mentoring Retreat for the Blind. 

Your gift will help us serve, inspire, and empower blind and visually impaired musicians to make connections, develop valuable life skills and ignite a passion to make a change within their communities through music.

“This retreat was like a rebirth for me. I hadn’t sung since losing my sight, and this experience gave me new hope.”

“It’s really cool to know that I have people to lean on and that I can transfer the skills I’ve learned everywhere I go in life.”

“I feel so empowered and much more positive having been here. It lifted my spirits in so many ways.”

Your gift will impact blind musicians by fostering creativity, community, compassion, and confidence!

Bank Draft (Recurring Gift Only) 

If you desire to authorize Artists for Community Transformation Intl. to create an Automatic Bank Draft for a recurring donation to SongSight, Click Here to access the authorization form. 

Credit/Debit Card (Recurring or Single Gift)

Your support helps on so many levels!
$50 gift bag for one attendee
$75 musical instrument for the retreat
$100 mentoring lunch with alumni
$200 One instrument focus mentor
$300 all snacks for the retreat
$500 outreach workshop at a blind center
$750 Musical Instrument Museum for all attendees
$1,000 all retreat T-shirts
$1,500 photography and videography to share the journey
$2,500 mentoring retreat for 1 attendee
$5,000 audio production for group song
$6,000 mini satellite retreat at a blind center
$7,000 celebrity mentor for the retreat

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